(Patent applications have been filed. The official website is coming in April, 2023).

"We protect Resources, Health & Life."

From 2023, HySeDi will offer you essential, generally digital solutions, both within your company and for society as a whole, from Munich via Dubai and Tokyo to New York.
"Which form of energy should I use where?" "Which products more sustainable?"
Sustainability does not start with the choice of product, but with lower consumption through optimal use of resources!
They optimize with HySeDi in the area of Facility Management personnel planning, performance accounting and hygiene & service, and their suppliers their logistics.
They receive digital services on a previously unimaginable scale by using IoT+KI via our B2B platform. Where innovation has been urgently needed for decades, you can now use fundamental optimization in a very smart way. 
This way you save resources, reduce costs and protect health & life.

You can optimize the following areas: 

A)  S A N I T A R Y

       1) Cleaning   (only if necessary)

       2) Filling   (only if necessary)
       3) Control   (with IoT)
            a) Light
            b) Ventilation
            c) Heating
            d) Doors (Toilet cubicle)

       4) H y g i e n e   (User / Room)

       5) Warehousing   (IoT + AI)

       6) Order    (IoT + AI) 

       7) Germ control   (Sensors)

       8) Cleaning products   (IoT + BT5)
B)  W h o l e s a l e

       1) Warehousing     (IoT + AI) 

       2) Order   (IoT + AI) 

       3) Loadingarea   (AI)

       4) Deliveryroute   (AI)

       5) Deliverywindow   
       6) Supply Chain Security

C)  P R O D U C E R 

       1) Warehousing    (Data) 

       2) Order   (Data)

       3) Production   (Data)

D)  FM / S E R V I C E   P R O V I D E R

       1) New  Struture of services   (IoT + AI)

       2) New  Services   (IoT + AI)

E)  P R I V A T E
            App: Info & delivery (if desired)   (IoT)

… and so on. 

You digitize hygiene & service together with us. The sanitary sector is not hip, and has therefore been criminally neglected despite an acute need for innovation; the enormous, constantly rising costs & risks have been largely ignored, but have now moved into a new focus. 

You optimize the hygiene of your employees, patients, guests or customers with little effort, and also gain valuable data that not only protects you and your company, but also increases benefits and reduces costs throughout the entire supply chain. 
Your data proves to third parties that you are acting responsibly. It may also show you where you need to improve (immediately); you and your employees can act in real time.
You decide which of our bundles you want to use, and we customize them to meet your needs. 

Start small, go big!

You can add to or remove from our offers, which are divided into small bundles, at any time and thus create individual solutions for your company together with us at the price of standard solutions.
Inform yourself about our offers; you will be amazed. 


There are probably few companies with such an outstanding overall benefit to society as HySeDi.
This is another reason why we love our work. 

Should an epidemic or even pandemic situation occur again, we hope that, beyond the healthcare sector, many hygiene-sensitive companies such as airports, stadiums, halls, Universities, schools, daycare centers, etc. will already be using our services, because.

"Protecting is better than curing."