"We protect Resources, Health & Life."

(Patent applications have been filed. The official website is coming in April, 2023).


"Hygiene & Service Digital" 

As a deeptech company, we primarily offer digital solutions!

There is one exception in healthcare:

(Our hand wash basin, from the siphon of which germs and viruses no longer escape).

(Federal Health Gazette) Bundesgesundheitsblatt  2016.59:1199  5.1 (Quote):

... "The sink drain is an open pathogen reservoir of the patient's fecal and oral flora. When water enters, bacteria are emitted up to 1.85 m in radius from the wastewater standing in the trap." ...

The consequences (due to nosocomial infections in Germany according to the Federal Ministry of Health):
~ Up to 600.000 patients p. a.
    - EU >2,5 Million *
~ Up to 20.000 deaths p. a.
    - EU  <100.000 deaths *

~ Costs (social costs):
Germany: Euro  4 - 8 Mrd. p. a. **

   USA: $ 30 Billion p. a. (€ 30 Mrd.)  ***      
         * (Source: Plos Medicine)  

       ** (Source: Charité Berlin)
     *** (Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research - Germany)

> With our solution, germs and viruses no longer escape from the siphon. <

(Federal Ministry) Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung 2012 (Quote):

"... Experts estimate that about one-third of these infections, some of which are fatal, could be prevented. ...
... Clean hands - the No. 1 way to prevent infections. ...
... Conservative estimates from the U.S. put the additional costs there from nosocomial infections at up to $ 30 billion annually."

(Federal Health Gazette) Bundesgesundheitsblatt 2020 · 63:490 (Quote):

... "81% of all drains were contaminated. At the start of work, all staff hands were negative for P. aeruginosa; during service, 42.5% of staff carried various strains of P. aeruginosa on their hands. Microbiological evaluation suggested a transmission pathway from sink drains to hands." ...
(Lt. of a four-week prospective epidemiologic study in the infection ward of a German children's hospital). 


Since 2015, there has been a feverish search for a solution to minimize the spread of germs and viruses from sanitary areas and specifically from siphons. With the outbreak of the pandemic, more than ever. 

 On September 1, 2022, we filed international patents for our Hygiene Handwashing Basin and B2B platform; revolutionizing HySeDi Hygiene & Service far beyond sanitation, into supply chains. > worldwide.
I. d. F. you can easily replace your old washbasins, or have new ones installed, and use many digital futures for (hygiene) control and optimization of service and saving of resources on demand in more than 100 countries.

I'm sure you understand that healthcare is a priority when it comes to equipment.
If you are inquiring for a business with an extremely high risk of spreading germs, such as an international airport, commercial kitchen, university, and the like, please let us know.


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